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Frequently asked questions

Who should use Simply Cue?

Simply Cue is the ideal platform for anyone who creates and sells digital products. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, streamers, podcasters, crafters, photographers, graphic designers, educators and all kinds of creators and professionals can sell their products directly to their audience.

What products can I sell on Simply Cue?

Simply Cue supports hundreds of different digital products, from ebooks and music to software and movies. Here are some popular items you can sell on Simply Cue: digital arts, photographs, graphic designs, podcasts, web series, web shows, movies, short films, music albums, audio stories, music beats, ebooks, pdfs, web templates, plugins, webinars and 1:1 sessions.

How can I be a star rated creator?

The presence of a star badge on your Simply Cue profile signifies that your account has been verified. To earn this badge, creators need to complete their profiles, furnish necessary billing and tax information, and provide payment details. Additionally, the Simply Cue team conducts a thorough review of the creator's uploaded products to ensure compliance with the platform's policies and guidelines.

Can I sell different variants of my product?

On Simply Cue, you have the flexibility to offer and sell various variants of your product. You can add up to 4 variants of your product. This allows you to cater to different customer needs and preferences.

How can I start selling my products on Simply Cue?

Making your digital creations available for sale online with Simply Cue is quick and simple. Just sign up for an account, add your payment details, upload your digital product with a description, and you'll get a link to share with potential buyers.

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